Cheating women names

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A name is like your first impression before someone has met you. A similar survey was conducted to discover the top 20 names of women most likely to cheat. This survey was obviously primarily based on the personal experiences of these women, but pop culture had a hand in it, too.

The name has gone through peaks and valleys in terms of popularity, but there have always been enough guys bearing this name to earn the ire of more than a few ladies! After all, a one-woman man would be satisfied with having a singular lady love in his life, as opposed to a guy who can work it for the masses, right? Perhaps one of the most notable famous Jacks who also happened to be a womanizer is none other than octogenarian actor Jack Nicholson, who claimed to have bedded about 2, women over the years!

Yeah, that would probably color the perception of any name! First, James Cameron, the director of Titanicwho left his wife for another woman; singer James Blunt has been accused of cheating by exes; and actor James Franco has found himself recently in the press for his inappropriate behavior towards women, including an ex-girlfriend! It seems to us that men named Tom are the nice guy types who may or may not be hiding something much darker. Diddy, who is the father of six kids from two women, one of whom he adopted.

Kennedy, the president who famously had an affair with Marilyn Monroe and John Mayer, the womanizer who spoke about his man parts in a Playboy interview while managing Cheating women names bed everyone from Jessica Simpson to Jennifer Aniston! Not exactly marriage material! Nick is a sexy guy, even if he is a bit skeazy.

In fact, he usually starts out at his peak sexiness early in his twenties, before inevitably falling downwards into a washed-up version of his former glory. Case in point: Nick Carter, who made preteen girls swoon over his floppy blonde hair but aged into something much worse, later dating Paris Hilton and allegedly becoming violent with her.

Not exactly a common name among men in North America, Ashley is one that has a bit more popularity — and, apparently, notoriety — across the pond, where this survey was taken! That being said, it must have impacted enough women in Britain to make its way to the 12 spot! Like Nick, Ashley is a pretty boy type, and, owing to the fact that his name is unisex, he may have fit in better with girls growing up. Another name popular with the Brits, Harry has recently become synonymous with the guy who likes to have a good time but never takes himself too seriously.

First off, we have Prince Harry who, before becoming engaged to Megan Markle, was well known for having a taste for partying and getting himself into trouble. Not being Cheating women names heir to the throne, he was able to cut loose, have naked parties in Vegas, and date a bevy of blonde beauties, much to the delight of the tabloids.

Cheating women names

Secondly, we have Harry Styles, formerly of One Direction, who made his interest in older women well known. He was always considered the devilish imp of the group and a major flirt, so is it any wonder that both of these naughty boys almost managed to crack the top ten of potential cheaters?

Cheating women names

Not really a popular name in this part of the world, we were pretty surprised to hear Lee as the first to squirm his way into our top ten. In fact, it could be due to immigration that has allowed the name to crack the top ten and, unfortunately for the ladies involved, men named Lee seem less than faithful when it comes to relationships.

Perhaps this guy is the type who seems nice and genuine, only to use those exact characteristics to keep you in the dark while he goes around with other women! In terms of famous Marks, most of the ones we checked up on have been in long-term, monogamous relationships for quite some time e. Mark Consuelos, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Wahlberg, Mark Ruffaloprobably because they got out some of their craziness earlier on in Cheating women names.

Dean, like so many monosyllabic names, connotes a sense of strength and power. In pop culture, the fictional Dean Winchester on the TV show Supernatural is a man of few words but lots of ladies, womanizing his way through the United States without much desire for commitment or monogamy, even scorning it outright. In terms of celebrities however B-listwe have Dean McDermott, a man who cheated on his first wife Mary Jo Eustace with his second Tori Spelling, before stepping out on the latter with a woman he met at a hotel, the ironically-named Emily Goodhand.

We suppose that what goes around comes around! Add to the fact that Disick has now been getting busy with multiple ladies 15 years his junior, including his latest girlfriend,year-old Sofia Richie, and we get all sorts of icky vibes.

One of the most famous Steves, Steve Jobs, was able to keep the dirty details of his private life private until his death, upon which time Cheating women names was revealed that he had an illegitimate daughter he had constantly denied the paternity of and had dated multiple big names like Diane Keaton and Joan Baez! More of the strong, silent type, Craig can actually be a pretty big jokester when he wants to! A name that has Scottish roots and is a bit more popular in the United Kingdom than in North America, one of the major examples of a guy with a short romantic attention span would be late night show host Craig Ferguson.

Of course, the most recent example to the contrary is talk show host and anchor Matt Lauer, who was part of the post-Weinstein scandal when it was revealed that he had been using his position of power to assault and harass multiple women in his employ, all the while being married to someone else. However, we do have plenty of other celebs who have dishonored the name and thus made it associated with infidelity for a lot of women!

First up, we have Ryan Phillippe, who was once married to Reese Witherspoon and later cheated on her with actress Abbie Cornish. Next, we have swimmer Ryan Lochte, who lied about being robbed at gunpoint in order to cover up partying with multiple girls during the Olympics, since he and his teammates were involved with other people. And, finally, since this was a British survey, we have soccer star Ryan Giggs, who has been plagued by rumors of cheating, including stepping out on his wife with her own sister!

Again, looking to the rich and famous could explain why this name has gotten such a bad reputation, and one of the most famous bearers of the moniker is Liam Payne, formerly of One Direction.

Cheating women names

Before getting involved with Cheryl Cole and becoming a proud papa, Payne admitted to emotionally cheating on ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer, and rumors have dogged Payne and Cole since the birth of their son. Another Brit, Liam Gallagher of Oasis, has been married and divorced twice, and during both marriages, he had affairs, the first one resulting in another. That being said, the British influence of the study is clear here, as the most notorious offender when it comes to adultery is soccer star Wayne Rooney.

Apparently, despite knowing his wife since the age of 12, Rooney has been involved with women of the night, three-ways, and partying with other women — all in the span of 15 Cheating women names, during which his wife bore his four children!

Yeah, that would change our minds about the name, too! By Annie F Published Jan 27, Share Share Tweet Comment. Next Have You Met Ted? Related Topics Girl Talk.

Cheating women names

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