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Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Heart racing, I grab my chest and breathe a sigh of relief as the salon door shuts behind me. Maggie slips her black smock on and swivels her chair around. Her smile is infectious. I ran a little behind this afternoon anyway. Just got done about five minutes ago. Grinning wide, I set my purse on the floor and take a seat. The salon is an open-style room with three other hair stations, one of which is occupied by a lady with foils in her hair, reading a magazine.

Maggie Denison has been my hair stylist for the past eight years. You can just look at her dark, stylish, wavy hair and tell she knows what she's doing. Fuck book Dover the best in town. Not that I'm a glamorous person, but I love to keep my hair healthy, even if I do have to wear it up most of the time at the bakery. She runs her hands through my hair and meets my reflection in the mirror.

Maybe a few caramel highlights, like we did last year before summer? Her black heels clank on the floor as she goes to check on her client's hair. Shayna and Jake had graduated together and now she cuts his hair. Jake and I hadn't met until our college years through a mutual friend of ours. He had been an up and coming professional MMA fighter, but a motorcycle accident squashed all those dreams.

Shayna looks at me and smiles. He's nice to everyone. That is one of the many reasons I love him. He'll do anything for anybody if Fuck book Dover need help. In fact, it's because of him I was able to start up my own bakery. My parents were going to give me the money, but he refused to let them help. He's very prideful.

Fuck book Dover

Maggie mixes up my highlight cream in one of her bowls and begins on my hair. Is business good this time of year? We keep everything stocked. Her stomach rumbles. Those things are the best. She shrugs.

Fuck book Dover

I was just asking in case I could send someone your way. Vikki works with me full time, and then in the afternoons, her daughter and my two nieces come in. So far, I've been able to keep up with the people I have. Once she's done putting the highlights in my hair, she hurries to the back to eat her lunch. Shayna finishes up with her client and sits in the chair across from me.

I can bring you back some. Shayna pulls out her phone. I keep telling Jake he needs to hook me up with one of his friends from work. Fiddling in my purse, I finally find my phone. He'll find someone for you. I chuckle and shake my head. I actually don't know who this is. My curiosity piques. I have had the same phone since I was sixteen, when I first got my cell phone. There's no telling who it is. I do a quick lookup of the Fuck book Dover it says it's the from a Sherwin Williams store, but according to the internet, it's been closed for a while now.

I show her the messages and her eyes light up. My ex-husband tried to do that once, to see if I was cheating on him. Shayna's always talking about men when I come in to get my hair done. I shake my head.

Fuck book Dover

You know he's not the type to trick me. Plus, I've never given him a reason not to trust me. Besides, the is from a Sherwin Williams store that closed down. There's no telling who it belongs to now. Call it, please," I say. Shayna types in the and presses send.

Putting it on speaker, it rings and rings until an automated greeting comes on. I throw my hands up in the air. The thought makes my stomach clench. I'm thirty-two years old and married. I've been with Jake for nine years. I don't want anyone from my past trying to come in and stir things up. I'm happy. Taking a deep breath, I huff. I don't like games. This is going to end now. Me: Look, if you're not going Fuck book Dover tell me who you are, then you need to leave me alone.

I'm happily married now. I don't want to cause problems. I was just thinking about you and wanted to see how you were. With a snort, I toss my phone back into my purse. Jake is the epitome of an alpha male. He won't like it. Knowing him, he'll get his cop buddies to track down theso he can find out who it is. Fuck book Dover that happens, it'll be a mess. I can see the top part of the tattoos on his chest, and Fuck book Dover inside me tightens.

He'd gotten them all during his MMA fighting days. Guess you can say it made him look more bad ass. We've been together for nine years and the sight of him still turns me on. And since he's an architect and working in an office environment, he has to wear suits, which look delectable on his toned body.

Jake's eyes focus on me and a smirk stretches across his lips. Looks good. The stubble on his chin tickles my face, and I can't help but love how rugged it makes him look. I breathe him in and step back. Vikki and her daughter held down the fort this afternoon. I have a lot of orders to work on the next couple of days though.

His blue eyes stare right into mine and he runs a hand through his ash brown hair. You deserve it. What's for dinner? Grabbing the oven mitt, I pull the dish out of the oven. I was craving it. Plus, I know they're some of your favorites. We both fix a plate of food and sit down at our kitchen table. A smile lights up my face because we've done more than just eat on it recently. His eyes twinkle. He shakes his head. You can always come with us, and then we'll have our fun when we get home.

I finish eating my salad and put my plate in the sink. Maybe light a few candles and take a bubble bath afterward. Once he's gone, I change into a pair of shorts and a tank top and head outside. The weather is perfect for an evening run. Being in the North Carolina mountains has its perks, especially in the spring. One thing I love is that our neighborhood is tucked away on a mountain with the perfect streets to run on.

It helps clear my mind when I know I have a busy schedule coming up. Before I slide my phone in my arm band, I read the anonymous text messages again, then delete them all and block the. This way, it's erased from my life, like nothing ever happened. Unfortunately, my cell phone provider only blocks s for ninety days. I know this because I called today and checked.

Fuck book Dover

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