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Hilo lies on the lush and wet side of the Big Island which means that a light raincoat is a must-pack for any outdoor activity you are planning. There are plenty of In hilo tonight to do here, like going to see the lava, hiking to waterfalls, and even going to the beach. We split the activities and attractions in Hilo into two parts: Table of contents. Have a look at what we think are the highlights for Hilo if you think the choices we give are overwhelming. There are plenty of activities to be found in and around Hilo. There is also a tropical zoo and a fantastic local farmers market.

Hilo also offers many options for the culinary or culturally interested visitor. Browse below for some activities that can be enjoyed in Hilo! These are the most famous waterfalls on the Big Island and very accessible through a short hike. The ft. In the Hilo district you can find e. These tours typically last between 1 and 2 hours and include a tasting. about the Farm Tours near Hilo. The small island contains clean restrooms, two small beaches, a grassy area, picnic areas, and a 20 ft tower used for jumping.

Learn more about Coconut Island. about exploring the Hamakua Coast. about visiting the Imiloa Astronomy Center. Kaumana Caves Park is a skylight in a mile long lava tube that was created by the flow from Mauna Loa. You can explore the lava tube a short way in both directions before the lava tube enters private property. Climb down a steep ladder to get to the lava tube entrance of the Kaumana Caves. about exploring the Kaumana Caves. The Rainbow Falls within Hilo are a perfect place to visit early in the morning for a picnic or perhaps even before breakfast.

It falls over a lava-cave that is home to the ancient Hawaiian goddess Hina, the goddess of the moon. The volume of the rainbow falls or Waianuenue changes on a daily basis. This is what the falls look like after a good rain upstream. about the Rainbow Falls. You can visit a variety of rainforest animals and endangered Hawaiian animals, such as spider monkeys, lemurs, nene geese the Hawaiian State birdand over 80 other animal species. Their tasting room and gift shop are open from noon on most days. on our website about the Mehana Brewing Company or see a current listing of the opening hours on their website.

The Lyman Museum gives In hilo tonight bite-sized history of the island of Hawaii and its culture. The staff is well educated, and there is a good selection of videos. about the Lyman Museum and Mission House. Next-door destinations that you might want to consider for activities are Pahoa lava viewing In hilo tonight hot ponds and Volcano Village lava viewing and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. ATV tours are a fun way to explore the beautiful difficult to access places that are difficult to reach. There are no picture-perfect white sand beaches on this side of the island but there are plenty of black sand beaches and beach parks.

When the sun is out they are great to relax, snorkel and spend a good few hours. about the Beaches in and around Hilo. Carlsmith beach park in Hilo with its protected bay is a great place to visit for families. The Hilo and Hamakua coasts are filled with rainforests, waterfalls, and tropical flowers.

These natural treasures can be most easily seen in one of the botanical gardens on the Big Island. about Botanical Gardens close to Hilo. If you want to use two wheels to explore the surrounding of Hilo and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that is also possible. Put on your helmet and about Biking on the Big Island.

Plan ahead because most campsites need to be reserved ahead of time. about Camping on the Big Island. Hilo is the most popular departure point for helicopter tours for a good reason: tours departing from Hilo Airport can take you to see the tropical waterfalls and the active lava fields in less than 1 hour. This short flight-time makes the tours that depart from Hilo cheaper than the lava helicopter tours from the west coast of the Big Island.

If the lava is flowing a helicopter tour is a safe and simple way to see it from a front-row seat. about Helicopter tours from Hilo. The green and lush wet surrounding Hilo make for some stunning hikes. From a short 30 minute hike through botanical gardens up to a waterfall to hour long hikes to the lava. about Hiking in the Hilo vicinity. Most are publicly accessible and especially if you are staying more than 7 days on the Big Island, these make a great addition In hilo tonight your itinerary! Learn more about hot ponds in Puna close to Hilo.

Both Hilo and Volcano Village are well suited to use as a base when you want to go and see the lava. Hilo is closer to the lava flows in Kalapana, while Volcano village is literally around the corner of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

about lava viewing. A small detour to your destination can often open up a whole new face of the Big Island. Scenic drives close to Hilo are the Onomea scenic drive and the Kapoho Kalapana road scenic drive. The Kalapana — Kapoho road also known as red road is one of the most scenic drives on the Big Island.

about Scenic drives in and around Hilo. If you really want to snorkel in the waters around Hilo that is possible and interesting if you go to some of the beach parks north of Hilo and along the Puna coast. The best Big Island snorkeling however, is found on the Kona west coast.

In hilo tonight

about Snorkeling around Hilo. Hilo is well suited for stargazing.

In hilo tonight

The sunsets from Mauna Kea are out of this world, making a trip to the summit even more attractive. about Stargazing on the Maunakea summit. As goes for most water based activities, Surfing also is nicer on the west coast. If you really want though, you can find some good surf spots in and around Hilo. Be modest though, and treat the ocean and locals with respect. about surfing in and around Hilo. The lush and tropical north and east coast of the Big Island are filled with waterfalls. about waterfalls close to Hilo. Ziplining is an activity where you are attached with a harness to a rope that is strung between a high and a low point.

The ziplines are built high above scenic areas and features such ravines, jungles, meadows, and forests, and there are plenty In hilo tonight those around Hilo. The Umauma eXperience zipline course takes you over the famous triple-tiered Umauma Falls. about Ziplining in Hilo. See also:.

In hilo tonight

Use our site to plan your vacation in a sustainable way with minimum impact on the local environment. about our mission. Home » Hilo » Hilo Activities and Attractions. We split the activities and attractions in Hilo into two parts: Table of contents Activities and attractions that are specific to Hilo.

Outdoor activities that you can enjoy around Hilo, and also at other places on the Big Island.

In hilo tonight

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