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The Leader has been named the best large weekly newspaper in Arkansas. The Leader is a family owned and operated newspaper that was founded in How to achieve those goals consumed 95 percent of their two-hour meeting Thursday night and included such actions as hiring a second inspector, banning low-grade water pipe, and amending the developer policy to require inspection of pipe before it is covered. I have my doubts that two men can do it.

It is all Class pipe, Joyner said, and it is no longer allowed. From now on, only ductile iron and C pipe is to be used in Cabot. Along that same line, the commission also approved a property-restoration policy whereby WaterWorks would repair the damage from laying new lines in developed areas. For example, disturbed sod would be replaced and damage to sidewalks and driveways would be repaired. The commission is not responsible for damage caused by sewer backflow because the city council has passed an ordinance declaring that the city is not responsible for backflow because homes are to be equipped with backflow preventers.

Local swingers cypert arkansas commission is looking for a permanent home for WaterWorks which currently operates out of the city annex and the law office next door to the annex. Mayor Eddie Joe Williams wants the commission to buy property already owned by the city because he said it is not fair for taxpayers for water and wastewater money to go to the private sector when city property is available. The old city shop on Kerr also is available, but the appraisal has not been completed.

The land Local swingers cypert arkansas the shop Lonoke officials unveiled their preferred alignment for the new Hwy. Chris Wilbourn, project manager for Garver Engineers, said the preferred alignment avoided wetlands, would require purchase of minimal right-of-way and would be the most economical of the choices. It could be ready for bids in about 18 months, and building-material inflation has been great in recent months. During construction, the existing Hwy. On the preferred route, superimposed on an aerial photograph, Hwy. A new overpass, built to modern standards and perhaps three lanes wide, would cross the interstate and make a gentler curve than the existing curve.

A three-lane overpass would allow for widening the overpass to four or more lanes in the future if local traffic or increased industrial use should require a widening, Wilbourn said. Although not a cloverleaf, the interchange would allow the full range of east and west entrances to and exits from I Lonoke officials say they would already have a Toyota-related parts plant in Lonoke if they could have guaranteed the west interchange.

The fields in the southwest quadrant of the proposed interchange have been deated as an industrial site.

Local swingers cypert arkansas

While the city and its engineers must justify the interchange in terms of traffic, the real motivation is to encourage one or more manufacturing company to bring relatively high-paying jobs and revenues to the area. A second interchange also would provide more retail opportunities for gas stations or restaurants, which would translate into additional revenues for the city and the county.

The city of Lonoke will have to raise 20 percent of the cost in matching funds.

Local swingers cypert arkansas

Ryker said the Lonoke Industrial Development Commission has or could raise some of that money. McGee said the funds would not come out of city road money. Other officials in attendance included state Sen. Passport processing times are running four to six weeks for express service and 12 to 14 weeks for regular.

Cabot started taking passport application last November. At first, there were about six to eight applications a week. That more than doubled for a while, according to a postal official there. Most of the applications were for cruises, he added. Congress voted this week to postpone passports for 17 months for travel to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean. A new center in Hot Springs should speed up the process for those eager to travel this summer. Mike Beebe attending. The processing center opened on March 27 and has producedpassports to date.

Local swingers cypert arkansas

The center is not a regional passport agency but receives passport applications across the U. For those traveling within two weeks needing a passport, they should schedule an appointment with the Regional Passport Agency at The closest offices are in New Orleans and Houston.

There is no charge to make an appointment. The backlog is a result of the Western Hemisphere travel initiative passed by Congress as part of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of to strengthen border security and facilitate entry into the United States for citizens and legitimate international visitors. WHTI requirements for air travel took effect on Jan. According to the www. NW, Washington, D. It is a case-by-case basis. Information about passport status can be found by calling the National Passport Information Center at6 a.

Expect delays and repeated calling attempts before speaking with a representative. Another way to check is on-line at www. E-mail responses may take two to four days. Pit bulls currently in Jacksonville will be allowed to remain if their owners have the dogs registered, neutered or spayed and microchipped for tracking purposes. The department does have tranquilizer guns but only uses them as a last resort. The last time one was used was about a month ago on a runaway black lab mix that continually avoided capture.

All animal control officers are trained in the use of the guns. The pit bull ban will give owners 30 days to properly register their pets and follow the other requirements of the ordinance or remove their dogs from the city. As the ban goes into effect, Cabot, Beebe and Ward are looking into similar bans. Lonoke has also recently banned the breed. The ordinance bans all pit bulls, most bulldogs or any mixed breed that is predominantly pit bull. The bull terrier breed was dropped from the ban and will still be allowed. According to the ordinance, the only time a pit bull or bull dog may be brought into the city after the ordinance goes into effect is for the purpose of veterinary care, special-event dog shows sanctioned by the city or for use by law enforcement or military personnel as part of their duties.

Banned Local swingers cypert arkansas already in the city will be allowed to stay if the owner can show proof that the animal Local swingers cypert arkansas d prior to the new ordinance going into effect, has proof of rabies vaccination and the owner is at least 21 years old — and then has the dog spayed or neutered, registered and has a d veterinarian implant a computer chip into the animal for identification and to help track them.

Local swingers cypert arkansas

Sakiewicz said close to 50 residents have already registered their pit bulls with the city. Registration can only be done in person at the animal shelter on Redmond Road. Most of the pit bulls picked up that are not in compliance and claimed will be euthanized, according to animal control officials. Sakiewicz emphasized that her officers will not be going into yards to check on pit bulls unless there is a complaint or the owner is not in compliance.

Local swingers cypert arkansas

All pit bulls kept outside must be in a pen inside of a fence when the Local swingers cypert arkansas is not present. When an owner is walking a pit bull it must be on a proper leash and muzzled, according to the ordinance. They asked City Attorney Mark Derrick to prepare an ordinance for the June meeting that would give owners 60 days to get rid of the dogs. Some wanted the ban in effect almost immediately, but Alderman Les Cossey said if the pit bull owners were renters, they would need at least 60 days to find new housing.

The pit bull ordinance would require registration of pit bulls already in the city and make it illegal to bring more in. If walking outside, the dogs would have to be restrained with leashes no longer than four feet long. They could not be chained to trees, for example, and they could not be outside unattended. Puppies born inside the city to grandfathered females would have to be out of the city by the time they are six weeks old. The police chief told the committee that no one has been seriously injured yet by a pit bull, but he said they are frequently tied at the front door of drug houses and it is only a matter of time before someone is hurt.

By TSGT. John Weeks, who is ased to the base chapel. The observance also offered an opportunity to remember fellow service members who are deployed fighting the global war on terror, the chaplain said. Funeral services will be 1 p. Burial will follow at Pinecrest Memorial Park in Alexander. Visitation will be at 11 a. Funeral service will be at 10 a. Glenn Dorsey and Rev. Larry Burton. Arrangements are by Little Rock Funeral Home. Wanda Jones Wanda L. Jones, 74, of Searcy died June Born Dec.

She was a member of Kensett Church of Christ.

Local swingers cypert arkansas

She was preceded in death by her husband, Harold L. Jones; her parents and sister, Laverne McDonald. Graveside funeral will be at 10 a. Funeral arrangements will be by Westbrooke Funeral Home in Beebe. She was preceded in death by her mother, Betty Smith James.

Local swingers cypert arkansas

Visitation will be from 10 a. Saturday at New Floyd Cemetery. Wanda Shireman Wanda A. She was born Sept. She was of the Catholic faith. The family would like to express their deepest thanks to the staff of Arkansas Hospice Inpatient Care Facility in North Little Rock for the love and kindness they provided. He was born Feb. David spent four years in the Air Force and was a Korean War veteran. He was an employee of American Airlines from Dec. He was an avid fisherman, hunter and photographer, and loved to travel. In Dec.

Local swingers cypert arkansas

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