Looking 8 in shape

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We have tried few tops on mannequin in 8 body shape to demonstrate which tops would look good on 8 body shape girls. Main body shape characteristic of 8 body shape girls is a broad hip shelf at the navel level or even higher. Know if you are you a 8 body shape girl? Popnetic Blue top -Top is in a drapey fabric and has de above the waist.

Hence the focus does not go to the hip shelf. Also notice this look is so much slimmer on the 8 shaped mannequin as compared to stiff roter shirt above. Always prefer fabrics that drape over your body and show off your thinner area under the bust. Sassafras Pink Printed Top — This top has a A-line shape at the hem and the fabric is sitting away from the body, hence amplifying the hip shelf — to be avoided by 8 body shape girls.

Looking 8 in shape

Available on in India at Myntra. Vero Moda printed shirt — This shirt drapes over 8 body shape mannequin notice that the area under bust is visible. Also the print at the hip shelf hides the hip shelf and straight shape of top from hip shelf to lower hip gives illusion of a straight, slim body. Available in India at Myntra. to know styling tricks for 8 body shape. A body — Horizontal stripes are adding width to the upper half of the body. Since A body shape girls are heavy at their hips, this top works for them. X body — The stiff and straight shape of this top does not show the slender waist of X body shape girls.

Looking 8 in shape

Hence its best avoided by them. V body — Horizontal stripes would add width to already heavy shoulders of V body shape girls. Hence they must avoid it any cost.

Looking 8 in shape

Hence no curves visible. With the horizontal stripes and straight look, this can be totally avoided. O body — To be avoided by O body shape girls because of bold stripes that would add too much bulk on the top and middle body areas. Buy at Myntra. Find your body shape. Style Pointer 1 — Straight shape from high hip where you have hip bone to knees—.

Always try to wear straight shape from high hip to knees.

Looking 8 in shape

A flare which gives an A line shape will make you look fat because the flare would start from your high hip and would continue till bottom. If you want to wear flare it should be as little as possible. And should be in drapey fabric and not in stiff fabric. You will look good in drapey fabrics, avoid stiff and body hugging outfits. Fabric that drape over your body in other words stay close to the body without hugging them are your friends.

As long as you are careful about the above two points, you can wear any style of kurtis. However when looking for the flattering styles you might want to consider —. You will find it easier to wear shorter lengths till your knees than the long styles that reach till your ankles.

Looking 8 in shape

For longer styles it is best to try as many as possible to see which ones give you the right flare and look good on you. Area under your bust is the narrowest part of your body — highlight it to look slim. Wear horizontal line under your bust.

Looking 8 in shape

Also if you find a style with a horizontal line at the waist that does not highlighting your hip shelf then you have a winner. Sarees give you an excellent opportunity to highlight your slim waist. If you opt for sarees in drapey material, your hip hip will not be visible. Avoid stiff sarees that will make you look equal from top to bottom.

Also avoid body hugging materials like Chiffon which will highlight your wide hip. As far as the pallu style goes, you can wear both open as well as pinned up pallu however Open pallu will look better on you. Open jackets — Open jackets would look better on you than buttoned up jackets. Shape: Open jackets could be in any shape — straight or fitted at waist. Clothing material: Can be body hugging, stiff or in drapey fabric.

Looking 8 in shape

Length: Any length — cropped, till high hip or even till lower hip. Closed Jackets Buttoned up : While wearing buttoned up jackets you will need to pay attention to the shape and material of the jackets. Jeans that flare from knees to ankles: If you are slim you can rock a jeans with a flare past the knees.

Exception to skinny jeans: You can wear skinny jeans if you are not overweight. Pair them with loose tops, jackets or with long tops ending at the thighs. As you would notice, the super skinny jeans that really narrow and hug her ankles are making even this slim girl look top heavy.

If you are overweight skip them altogether, if you are slim you can try various styles to find out the one that suits you. The de when placed around the neck and in the middle of the top would work best for you so that attention stays away Looking 8 in shape your high hip. You will look good in two variety of tops:. You can opt for straight tops that do not have waist fitting with straight jeans.

Please avoid skinny jeans tight at ankle with straight top — the Looking 8 in shape ankle would bring attention to your hips. In the image above, notice that the girl in the picture on the extreme right is wearing pants that narrow at the ankles — even though it is not as narrow as a skinny jeans — when you reach the narrow ankle point, the eyes go back up and notice the wider hips jutting out. Lastly, for straight shape tops to work for you, it is super important that the fabric has drape in it See Style pointer 3 here.

You will look best in tops that end close to your high hip. If they end at your low hip, the broad hip shelf will get highlighted. Your best bet it to wear a top in a lighter colour a little below your hip bone where hip starts and pair it with a jeans in a dark colour to achieve a slimmer look. Notice in the below picture, in the long yellow top draws a horizontal line at the lower hip and is bringing extra attention to the wider high hip.

The red top ending at little higher helps in achieving a slimmer perception. How to determine if you have 8 body shape. We notice 8 body shapes have a narrow waist and then suddenly get wider at high hip. While X bodies hourglass figure curve down gradually below the waist and are widest at the lower hip. Style Pointer 2 — Avoid very tight clothes at hip shelf:. Style pointer 3 -Opt for fabric with drape at high hip:. Straight shape would make you slimmer, in flared garments the high hip will make the flare to open too fast and might make you look wider than you actually are.

We recommend that you wear straight shape from high hip to your knees and wear flare below the knees to look gorgeously slim. Style pointer 1 : Wear clothes that are fitted at the waist avoid straight shape from top to bottom. Roter Checked shirt — The shirt is in a stiff fabric, hence would highlight the broader hip shelf area. Hence should be avoided by 8 body shape girls. Available on in India at Myntra 4. Available in India at Myntra to know styling tricks for 8 body shape. Like this: Like Loading Ideal for body shapes — A body shape and I body shape A body — Horizontal stripes are adding width to the upper half of the body.

Avoid for body shapes — X, V, H, 8, O X body — The stiff and straight shape of this top does not show the slender waist of X body shape girls. Style Pointer 2 — Clothing material- You will look good in drapey fabrics, avoid stiff and body hugging outfits.

Looking 8 in shape

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