Looking for a girl to throatfuck

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Deep throat is the act of swallowing a cock whole down the throat and is a skill a Mistress should learn in her Sweet Pain-based arsenal to please you. A woman can give you fabulous head without deep throat. Most of the pleasure-sensing nerves are in the head of the penis, not at the base of the shaft. Yet one of the keys to great oral sex is the visual aspect of it, of watching a woman go at it.

Looking for a girl to throatfuck

And watching a woman take your cock down her throat can be absolutely mind shattering. For her to practice on you, the first position is to stand up and have the woman kneel in front of you on her knees. To make it even easier for her however, lay down on the bed sitting slightly up, while she kneels between your legs to take your cock into her mouth. Have her swallow just a little at first. She should go just to the point of her gag reflex and then withdraw, pushing it a tiny bit each time.

Looking for a girl to throatfuck

This often stops the gag reflex. You want to deliberately trigger her gag reflex so that she can learn what causes it, recognize its warning s, and ultimately control it. To help her, spray an aerosol sore throat spray on the back of her tongue and throat to deaden the nerves and suppress her gag reflex. You can buy sore throat sprays at your local drugstore. Unfortunately, the spray will also numb your penis when you put it inside her mouth. Her mouth will salivate and slick your cock all on its own; large amounts of thick, lubricating saliva are released as a natural byproduct of deep throat.

Buy an edible lubricant at your local sex shop. The edible lubricant will help your cock slide down her throat and minimize her gag reflex. Another alternative is to purchase a heavy mineral oil at your local drugstore. Then, put the lubricant on your cock and have her take you into her throat. Fruits and vegetables they can break in half in her throat and cause her to choke! Keep in mind that deep throat is difficult. She must learn to relax her throat completely while having a cock thrust deeply down, without triggering a reflex that is naturally built into her for her own protection.

It takes three to four months of regular practice Looking for a girl to throatfuck a girl to become proficient so that she can deep throat you without gagging. Five minutes is enough to start. And as always, reward her with great sex and cuddling afterwards for trying. This will motivate her to pleasure you in the future. So my partner want to try this…he is very sweet and generous when it comes Looking for a girl to throatfuck performing oral sex on me and I really appreciate it. What the fuck?? Like a nymphomania. Thats the best part for me, i almost cumming of filling the cum in my throat.

Well, I wouldent say its something wrong with you at all. Not all girls can do it without training, but some are blessed with a good gagging reflex I guess. And you are right, it seems very normal in Sweden with girls having lesbian experience. Hello Lisa do you kik I would have to have you as own panel and share sex story in a 29 year male living in Canada. I like making my wife deepthroat and take every inch of me no matter where we r.

Couple days ago she let me face fuck her while we watched deadpool. I am bi so can understand how a woman feels and how it is done for me I was forced to take cock down my throte when I was younger and now relies that if I had not been a would be probably still trying to take a cock all the way down ,however I have had a few boyfriends who have been big and the conventional way of getting cock all the way down is difficult, and I no that most guys like to be dominant when it comes to oral and live there partner male or female to take cock all the way down ,so I find the best way of getting ther cock all the way down is lie on my back head over the side of the bed and let them fuck it down my throte.

I love sex hard, always need to pleased. I love sucking dick deep throat with crushed ice, ky lubricate jelly I like talkinging hard in the ass, is somethingwrong with me. No if you want to learn more about your sexual urges. U can kik me at fuhrmann Or if u want a young stud who could give you the best sex of your life. Kik me fuhrmann I love taking it in my girl ass. Not due to the subject matter… But more to how well the article was written. Such a conscientious attitude and respect for our comfort and happiness through the training process. The part about making sure to give her great sex and cuddles afterwards is Awesome.

All I know is it has gone away! I have to be super hot and riled up to turn it off the reflex though it seems in most cases. You will be purging her with your dick instead of her finger and anything recently ingested will now be on your cock and balls. It may seem obvious but avoid timing it after any meals, unless you are into throw up on your cock in which case proceed without caution!

After the first time he deep throat face fucked me… He was hooked on it.

Looking for a girl to throatfuck

He shot cum out of my nose like milk…it was Crazy! Anyways, after that he would get excited and try and initiate the DT without warning which brings me to my next tip…. If you are incapable of timing your Deep Throat sessions around meals then I would suggest you allow her to always start it off.

Looking for a girl to throatfuck

My favorite way to DTFF is with me laying face up on the edge of the bed with just my head off the edge of it… while he stands with my face between his thighs. He can literally see the head of his cock protruding from my neck. Also… Just throw on one of those bare skin condoms when she uses the throat numbing spray. I knooow… You guys haaate them… But any feeling would be better than a numbed up dick right?

None of my friends are able to do it according to them. I have one friend who can with a whole lot of throat numbing spray. Patience is a MUST… if you really want the payoff. A dildo similar in size and length to your dick would make more sense to me if she must.

Looking for a girl to throatfuck

If her training demands are so extensive that they are more than just your dick can handle then I suppose a rubbery dildo would be a lot more realistic and safer for her. This article got me all excited! I rarely ever leave comments online …and when I do they are usually yelp reviews, not …deep throat face fucking technique tips… Geez! Does Ambien loosen inhibitions?? G Whenever I see a woman wax sexual on the internet with this level of enthusiasm my fatdar instantly hits the red.

Know what I mean? G, That was a great comment. I have actually suggested the fruits or veggies, obviously from ignorance but also the toys bc it just makes more sense and yes safer. Hi, I never had much of a gag reflex. Is this normal? Yeah, I used to have a hard time to face-fuck my chick, a lot of women have a hard time learning how to deepthroat. And some lack the motivation for it! And she generally gives a thousand times better blowjobs now! Honestly I highly recommend that stuff. Thanks for reminding me to be patient.

Hearing this from another dude put things back in perspective. You probably did more for my relationship directly intended from this article. With his guidance and his discipline, it helped me take him whole and be able to have him face fuck me.

Looking for a girl to throatfuck

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