Seeking night shift worker to talk to

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Disclosure: This may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure and privacy statement for more info. What if I told you night shift jobs are all about catching up on the latest Netflix shows while sitting on your butt, with Seeking night shift worker to talk to feet up on the desk, eating popcorn?

So too does my husband Dan, who worked permanent night shift in the sports recruiting industry with a desk job. Night shift work may actually suit some families and individuals, even better than a day shift job! Dad works a job and mum is a nurse working rotating shifts visa-versaplus, they have three kids of varying ages. Mum goes to work for a night shift around 8. In the morning, mum and dad tag team. Dad leaves for work while mum walks through the door after completing the graveyard shift.

Obviously, there are added complexities within every family such as pre-school aged kids, spending quality time with your husband and fitting in your extended family and friends. On the surface, it may appear that night shift stops you from attending social events which happen overnight. What about breakfast dates? What about mid-week lunch catch-ups on your days off or last night or even an early dinner before you start your shift to watch the sunset? If we go back to basics for a second and ask, what are night shift jobs? It may seem obvious, but traditionally, night shift jobs are those, which start later at night and run until the early morning.

In my experience, graveyard shift hours generally range anywhere from 7 pm — 11 pm start time, finishing around 6 am — 9 am. Think about getting on the front foot and organizing something to suit your schedule when it comes to your social life. Correct, most night shift hours are longer than the traditional day shift of 8 hours as we discussed earlier, but do you know that means? But for us, if we work hour shifts we are working ificantly fewer days in the end, leaving more time to do the things you actually want to do.

With the right healthy snacks and putting in place strategies to prevent you from getting sick while working a graveyard shiftthose few extra hours become a total breeze.

Seeking night shift worker to talk to

I typically work a hour night shift but my husband Dan normally worked hours each night. On the other end of the spectrum, the ambulance service, shout out to these heroes!

Seeking night shift worker to talk to

Always remember to ask about your expected working hours per week and have these written into your contract. I have made some incredible life long friends while working the night shift. There is more time to get to know each other, have a laugh and bond over events and stories only night shift workers understand…. The pace is sometimes slower depending on where you work, leaving time to get to know your co-workers.

As a nurse working the night shift allows me to communicate with patients and develop therapeutic relationships with them to a much deeper level than what I could during the day. There is simply no time in the Emergency Department during the day to truly get to know your patients and their families let alone your co-workers. Only once your work is completed that is… and you wondering how to stay busy overnight :. Read, Bored on Night Shift? How to Stay Busy Without the Internet for more inspiration. The quiet, skeleton staff structure of most night shift jobs, also allows for more autonomy.

Decisions that generally get made by senior management are left to you overnight. If you work as a security guard, in a health facility or hospital in a very quiet ward or something similar where there are not too many people around, you may experience a lot of downtime which can feel isolating. The Echo Dot bluetooth Speaker is hugely popular, sounds crystal clear and syncs amazingly with your devices. See on Amazon. Finally, when you think there is not enough going on, just ask yourself, would you prefer to do your job without management constantly breathing down your neck, micro-managing you?

Night shift is, in fact often the glue that keeps everything in a business running smoothly and is often vital to its success…. Checking s, invoices, paperwork, orders, drug charts and equipment lists which get completed during the day, are generally checked by night staff in the nursing department. Cleaning, making plans, writing reports and filling out equipment orders is just the beginning to any night shift job.

Yes, it is quieter and yes there are fewer people, but there is still so much to do. Laziness might be flagged more on the night shift because there are fewer people to point-the-finger at. However, the night shift jobs I mentioned earlier can also give you financial security and commonly have almost immediate start dates. Researches often suggest we are shortening our life expectancy and risking our health by working against our body clock. Yeah, we are supposed to sleep during the night and be awake during the day.

But is it the worst we can do? If we get the recommended amount Seeking night shift worker to talk to sleepeat a healthy well-balanced diet and maintain daily exercise, as we should be doing on day shiftwe can avoid potential issues from occurring like Shift Work Sleep Disorder SWSD.

Seeking night shift worker to talk to

We have written a bunch of posts to improve your health as a night shift worker which we encourage you to check out. Pretty much everything we have written about here are things we wish of known sooner to make the whole night shift routine easier. We hope you enjoy them.

Seeking night shift worker to talk to

On a side note, Dan and I also drink Organifi Green Juice which is packed with superfoods, keeping from us getting run-down. But it also has helped abolish our night shift problems! But not all shift workers, inclusive of those night Seeking night shift worker to talk to workers, will get diagnosed with Shift Work Sleep Disorder. SWSD sufferers also have ificant issues with falling asleep and staying asleep despite how exhausted you may be.

Establish and stick to a sleep routine as we explain here and make sure you have some sleep aids see post below and a good eye mask. Also, deing your own roster if possible is vital to establishing a balance between work and life. Check out this post about rostering tricks to suit you. This may be a higher rate of pay per hour or simply be a lump-sum added on top of your nightly pay. Again, this is something to be discussed with your manager before you say yes to a new night shift job opportunity.

Secondly, the beauty about night shift jobs is that they will always exist. We live in a hour society where we not only demand but also expect to get the things we want, at any time of day. Everything from putting gas in your car, to obtaining seamless medical care and checking into your hotel at 2 am… we want it now. Honestlycould you imagine not being able to see a doctor if you fell out of bed at 4 am, hitting your head so badly you needed surgery? Thanks for checking out this post about night shift job myths. Hey there! Together with my husband Daniel, we run The Other Shift.

Our sole aim is to help shift workers and those on unusual schedules find balance between work and life. about us and our story here. So glad I stumbled onto your blog! As someone who has worked various overnight jobs for twenty years, I can honestly say the most intense, challenging, exciting, or even FUN work experiences I have had have been with overnight jobs. Oh no. For years, I was a hotel night auditor. Oh, the stories I could tell about the shenanigans people try when they think everyone is asleep. I loved it. And the kind of workers that can be drawn to overnight positions often have great personalities.

On SOME overnight jobs, the rules just might be a little more relaxed. Thanks for all this great advice- wish you had been there when I started! Cindy, Your feedback and insight gave us a big chuckle here! We can only imagine the funny memories you have as a hotel night auditor. We appreciate you sharing your experiences with our community and we agree with you wholeheartedly, shift workers make for the best personalities and interactions going around — we know what others in our position are going through!

Seeking night shift worker to talk to

I believe that Office workers should be allowed to also do night shift. If cities became 24hour places they would be more efficient, there would be less congestion on ro, many people would have a better work life balance. Companies would become more productive as there are operating longer than the format, they could take up less office space as this would be used more efficiently and there would be no town time. I always find it easier to sleep during the day because I live in a dormitory suburb where people are at work during the time I need to sleep.

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Seeking night shift worker to talk to

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