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Whether you want straightforward but thoughtful sex advice, erotica to listen to, deep dives on the most specific kinks you can think of, or just want to learn more about other people's sex lives, the sex podcasts can simultaneously make us laugh, cry, and feel a lot less weird for whatever our thing might be.

Watch rocky chat online sex

For more of our podcast picks, try these lists of our favorite true crime podcastscomedy podcasts, and new podcasts. Podcasts are a great resource and no matter what you're looking for, there's a podcast for that. Want in-depth reporting that will educate you and pique your curiosity? There are podcasts for that. Want candid conversations and interviews with fascinating people whose personal stories will expand your world view? Want to shut your brain off and be entertained? There are lots of podcasts for that. Here, we've rounded up some of the best series the sex podcasting community has to offer, from advice-y shows with frank discussions and interviews to totally fictional but totally sexy audio porn.

This show from YouTuber Hannah Witton is home to some of the most honest discussions about sexuality and diversity out there. Witton, who is open about her own journey dating with a stoma an opening in the abdomen created to allow waste to be diverted outside of the bodytalks to guests about all facets of dating, from disabilities in sex work to the intersection of autism and kink. This limited-run Audible series actually premiered inbut it's a binge-able listen to check out if you haven't already or Watch rocky chat online sex re-binge if you already have, honestly. In the podcast, journalist and author Jon Ronson digs deep into the circumstances surrounding the death of porn actress August Ames, who died by suicide after an onslaught of online hate in The end result is a meditation on cyber bullying and the realities of working in the porn industry that's captivating.

This podcast, hosted by four queer Black feminists in their 20s, is always well-researched, always hilarious, and always relevant. The world needs more diverse voices and this podcast brings several to an important topic. Here for it. In Death, Sex, and Moneyhost Anna Sale dives headfirst into not just sex, but the big questions and hard choices in all areas of life that aren't considered "polite" to talk about.

Since real life isn't polite, this is absolutely necessary. Celestial Sex is here for anyone who grew up in a religious or otherwise repressive environment when it came to sex and needs to talk it out. Host Chris Duce understands this firsthand—he was raised Mormon and spends a lot of the show reflecting on his upbringing and his relationship with growing up. These days, he also brings on guests who he interviews about their experiences, all in the same realm. This podcast, hosted by comedians Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher, lets you be a fly on the wall for the raunchier, weirder reincarnation of Sex and the City.

On the show, Hutchinson and Fisher discuss their own sex lives hilariously, we might add and even bring some of their conquests on as guests. Nikki Boyer Watch rocky chat online sex this popular Wondery podcast about her friend Molly, and how her cancer diagnosis inspired sexual adventures to help her feel alive. If you're looking for a show that's about sex, but not just about sexthis is a must-listen. Ashley Hessentine and Rayna Greenberg brilliantly combine two of the best things in the world—food and sex—in this witty, often raw show about dating in the modern age.

The hosts tackle truly relevant topics for anyone in the social media dating scene, from micro-cheating to how to know if you're being benched and more. If you want informative, straight talk about sex with no punches pulled, allow yourself to binge the back catalogue of Foreplay Radiohosted by sex therapist Laurie Watson and couples counselor George Faller. The show covers everything from kinks and festishes to trauma and sex shaming. Curious about the swinger lifestyle? In We Gotta Thingmarried couple, identified only as Mr. Jones, openly and, fair warning, explicitly discuss their experiences in the swinging lifestyle.

Watch rocky chat online sex

Friends and comedians Catherine Cohen and Pat Regan host this insanely funny podcast. Every week, they invite "a non-boring guest to dish the dirt on living, laughing, and yeah Kimmy Foskett was challenged by her therapist to break her bad dating habits by going on first dates—and the 51 First Dates podcast was born. Foskett and Liza Renzulli recap a new date every week and interview interesting guests like a dating app ghostwriter. Rachel and Laura are the two anonymous hosts of this no-holds-barred podcast, and you probably guessed what it's about porn.

Each episode, the hosts research and review porn based on popular search terms.

Watch rocky chat online sex

Betches Media co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid come together to give their hot takes on questions ranging from "Is it shallow to only want to date rich people? An intimate, thoughtful, often funny sex podcast hosted by Lila and recorded entirely while lying down. Marcus Parks and Jackie Zebrowski host this bite-sized podcasts in which they answer listener questions about sex, but in a more psychological fashion. Find out, and maybe even laugh about it.

The best erotic fan-fic podcast in existence, you can hear stories about your favorite fictional characters across all media—TV, books, movies, whatever—get it on in ways both creative and exciting. It will make you wish the source material had actually gone there. Read our interview with the founders here. Plus, listen in for really badass guests like porn legend Asa Akira and comedian Sofie Hagen. Host and producer Tina Horn brings on special guests to take you through an occasionally blush-inducing, frequently educational, and inherently thoughtful look at fetishes, kinks, and the other misunderstood ephemera that make up complicated human sex lives.

Australian tech strategist and researcher Watch rocky chat online sex Cole dives into everything from teledildonics that is, remote-control sex toys to when exactly we can expect the sex robot uprising in this influential podcast that goes deep on the issues that are either already affecting or will soon impact our sex lives. As you can imagine, the are sexy and very NSFW, like porn for your ears.

Host Jamie Morton uncovered that his otherwise very normal father had secretly been writing explicitly and baffling erotica under the pseudonym Rocky Flintstone. So Jamie did what any good son would: He invited two friends over to make fun of it on a microphone.

Watch rocky chat online sex

Esther Perel is an absolute legend in the sex and relationships space: The therapist and educator is not only a best-selling author Mating in Captivity is a mind-blowing must-read and TED Talk, uh, giver, but she also hosts an illuminating podcast about human sexuality. Where Should We Begin? Introduces real couples and the very relatable issues that plague them, from self-consciousness in relationships to how to reignite the spark. The rare podcast for the already-settled-down. Emily Morse is a judgement-free, super approachable human sexuality expert, and she wants to share her knowledge with her listeners.

Each episode, she talks about her own life and then picks a few reader submissions to go over, in which she explains everything from which sex toys are best for which proclivities and how multiple orgasms are totally a thing. She also gets really frank about her own lack of long-term relationship experience and her time on the battlefields of Tinder, and the are relatable and laugh-out-loud funny. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

Thrilling New True Crime Documentaries. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Doing It! The Last Days of August.

Watch rocky chat online sex

Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen. Inner Hoe Uprising. Death, Sex, and Money. Celestial Sex. Dying For Sex. Girls Gotta Eat. We Gotta Thing. Seek Treatment.

Watch rocky chat online sex

Girls On Porn. Horizontal with Lila. Sex and Other Human Activities. The Ersties Podcast. Why Are People Into That?! Future of Sex. Probably True. My Dad Wrote a Porno. Sex With Emily. Why Won't You Date Me? Sex With Strangers.

Watch rocky chat online sex

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Watch rocky chat online sex

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